Bose Pro L1 Model 1S Single Bass With T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine 359376-0010

Our Part Number: 359376-0010
Manufacturers Part Number: L11SB1T1PKG
  • B1 Bass Module Included
  • T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine Included
  • Adjustable Line Array Speaker
  • Portable and Easy Setup
  • Microphone and Line Inputs

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  • Sleek Line Array Speaker
  • Integrated Mixer & Amplifier Base
  • Four-Channel Mixer
  • B1 Bass Module Included
  • T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine Included
  • Cylindrical Radiator Loudspeaker
  • Direct & Off-Axis Audio Balance
  • Lightweight Easy Setup
  • Microphone and Line Inputs
  • Adjustable Speaker Positioning

The Bose L1 Model I Single Bass Package delivers the audio fidelity expected from Bose in a sleek, lightweight and portable unit that's ideally suited for musicians, mobile DJs, and performances, and other sound reinforcement applications. The L1 Model I Single Bass Package features a 4-channel mixer amplifier that also serves as the speaker's base. The mixer features two mic/line input channels (1 and 2) that accept XLR and ¼" TRS connections. Line inputs are featured on channels 3 and 4. Also included is the Bose B1 Bass module for reinforcing low-end frequencies and enhancing the sound of bass guitar, DJ rigs and more.

The ultra-low noise preamps provide high signal to noise ratio, and Bose's Proprietary ToneMatch presets on channels 1 and 2 optimize the L1 system to match the intended natural sound of specific instruments and microphones. The speaker features 24 small drivers, carefully positioned to ensure balanced audio signal at the direct and off-axis (sides) of the system. Setting up the L1 Model I is quick and easy; simply place the speaker extensions into the amplifier base, and slide the speaker on top of the extensions. Two extensions are included, and allow easy height adjustment.

One B1 bass module included
Projects clean, detailed sound evenly across the stage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred, with little change in tone or volume
Produces smooth, consistent tone, whether you're in front of the loudspeaker or off to the side
Reduces unwanted room reverberation
Eliminates conventional monitors, mixers and PA
Sets up and breaks down quickly; fits easily into a car trunk


Four-Channel Mixer
Provides two mic/line input channels (1 and 2) that accept XLR and ¼" TRS connections; they feature ultra-low noise preamps, two-stage clip lights, trim controls and XLR line-out channels. Secondary input channels (3 and 4) accept ¼" unbalanced line-level sources.
Proprietary ToneMatch Presets
ToneMatch presets on channels 1 and 2 optimize L1 system to match intended natural sound of specific instruments and microphones.
Cylindrical Radiator Loudspeaker
Uses 24 small drivers mounted into a slim, vertical enclosure to create nearly 180 degrees of horizontal coverage-with little dropoff in volume and tone. Loudspeaker's two-piece, interlocking design makes for quick and easy setup, breakdown and transport.
Integrated Power Amplifiers
Integrated power amplifiers in the power stand deliver clean, precise amplification for L1 Model I loudspeaker and up to two B1 bass modules.
Channel Inserts/Effects Loops
Connect external effects and processors to channels 1 and 2 via ¼" TRS line input/output jack. Use a stereo plug to connect the send and return signals with one cord.
Bass Module Out
For amplified bass output signal to one or two B1 bass modules. L1 system automatically adjusts equalization appropriately when bass modules are connected.
Bass Line Out
Delivers post-DSP bass signal output. Accepts ¼" TRS phone cable. Use to connect powered subwoofer, additional amplification system or Bose PackLite amplifier with up to two additional bass modules.
Digital Data Out
Sends digital mix of channels 1 and 2 to external recording gear at 48KHz sample rate.
Digital Data In
For updating product firmware and ToneMatch presets.
R1 Remote Input
For included remote control and 16' cable.


Tone Controls
Provide -12 dB cut to +12 dB boost of high, mid and low frequencies on channels 1 and 2.
Level Controls and Signal/Overload LEDs
Green/red signal status to help you set proper gain levels.
Master Level
Adjusts volume of all four input channels simultaneously.
Type Self-powered, two-way
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 106 dB continuous, 112 dB peak
Frequency Response Frequency Range (-3 dB): 65Hz - 14kHz
Frequency Range (-10 dB): 50Hz - 16kHz
Crossover Frequency 400Hz 4th order Butterworth
Coverage 180° H x 40° V
Rated Power Output System Power: Handling 130W
Distortion at Rated Power: 0.1% Max 30Hz - 15kHz
System Limiter: Dynamic Limiting
Transducer x6 High-Frequency Drivers 2.00" HF drivers
x1 Low-Frequency Driver 8" LF driver
Microphone Input Signal Indicators: Signal/Clip LED: Green = Signal Present Red = Clip (limiter active)
ToneMatch Preset: NOTE: The ToneMatch equalization is always engaged on Channel 1 and cannot be bypassed. The preset is designed to optimize a dynamic handheld microphone for the L1 Compact system.
Controls: Volume, Treble: +/- 5 dB shelving filter @ 4 kHz, Bass: +/- 5 dB shelving filter @ 120 Hz
Input: XLR Balanced
Gain: -infinity to +50dB
Max Input Signal: +8dBu
Impedance: 2.4k Ohms
Lining Signal Indicators: Signal/Clip LED: Green = Signal Present Red = Clip (limiter active)
ToneMatch Switch: This switch engages ToneMatch equalization only to the ¼" input. When set to ON, this engages a preset designed for an acoustic guitar with a piezo pickup. When in the OFF position, no EQ is applied.
Controls: Volume
Inputs: 1/4" TS/TRS, 1/8" TS/TRS, x2 RCA
Channel Gain: ¼" = -Infinity to +40dB, 1∕8" and RCA = -Infinity to +24dB
Max Input: ¼" = +12 dBu, 1/8" = +12 dBu, RCA = +12 dBu
Input Impedance: ¼" = 800 kΩ, 1∕8" = 14 kΩ, RCA = 12.5 kΩ
Outputs Line Output: ¼" balanced TRS or unbalanced TS Nominal +2.2 dBu Max +20 dBu
Record Out: (2) RCA unbalanced Nominal -3.8 dBu Max +14 dB
Power AC power rating 100-120 V 50 / 60 Hz +/- 20%
200 W max
Dimensions (HxWxD) Collapsed Position:
16.5 x 13.25 x 16.75" (418 x 339 x 426mm)
Compact Extended Position:
78.5 x 13.25 x 16.75" (1995 x 339 x 426mm)
Compact Extensions (2):
32.5 x 2.75 x 2.75" (830 x 70 x 70mm)
Weight Compact Collapsed Position:
24.6 lbs. (11.2 kg)
Compact Extended Position:
29.2 lbs. (13.3 kg)
Compact Extensions (2):
2.3 lbs. (1.05 kg) each
L1 Compact Power Stand:
30.4 lbs. (13.8 kg)
Compact Extensions:
7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg)

L1 Comparison PDF

Compare L1 models to find the best fit for you

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L1 1S Data Sheet

Data Specs for L1 Model 1S Speakers

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L1 for Education Brochure

Brochure detailing how versatile the Bose L1 can be inside of your education environments.

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